Sunday, October 12, 2008

League match and party at Munich

Last week I visited Munich. Its where I played last six years in 2nd league. I stayed as usual at the Hauber's. The room in cellar had been mine whenever I visited last six years. So I straight away gatecrashed into that room. It is mine, it will be mine forever. I trained for 2 days with my former team mates and Julia had a party in my name because I reached the finals of Bitburger Open.

The champagne bottle you can see was a gift I got for Runner Up in Bitburger Open. I had taken it to Munich and we uncorked it there.

The party was fun. We had wiener Snitzels and fries. Dessert was Ice cream and Yogurt.

Hilde had as usual made a huge Cake for me and I enjoyed every bit of it.

On Saturday we had a league match in Munich against a club called Regenburg. I won my singles and team won 7-1.

Saturday we drove back to Saarbrucken.

Sunday we played at home vs Langenfeld. Team had a draw 4-4. I lost my singles to Premyslaw Wacha. He is world 12 right now. I had beaten him 3 months ago in Singapore Open but could not repeat the performance.

The other pic is from the 2 nd class compartment of Die Bahn (The Railways). I travelled from Saarbrucken to Munich in this and it is even better that an airline seat. Great comfort. The train sometimes hits 350 KMPH. It has a restaurant attached in the train and every seat had a power supply to run your DVD or Computer.

So... fun time in Munich over. Now I need to focus on Dutch Open starting on wednesday.

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