Saturday, November 22, 2008

China Super series and Gopi Challenge

I am writing this post from Shanghai, China. I am here for the China Super series. This is a big event in World Badminton and also the first event where all the top players are participating after the break from Olympics '08.

I was in the quarter finals, my first Super series Quarters. I benefitted from a top player pullout in the prequarters. I lost in the quarters to a young Chinese who outpaced me.

Shanghai is a world class city, no doubt about that. The Chinese are trying to prove a point to people who visit, I think. Why I am saying this... is because the technology used in my hotel room is beyond what I imagined China might be. Everything happens with a push of buttons. The room is filled with gadgets and even the good old salt and pepper are dispensed with a push of button!!

Man what will they invent next? If I am to run my imagination wild, then it would be something like this.
Morning you get up from you bed, push a button and bathroom comes to you. push another button and a it will wash your face I guess... hahahahaha...

Also the hospitality around is swell. Makes you feel important.
But really have'nt been around the city, not visited rural areas and villages. Might be different huh...
I have heard from some reliable sources that at the cost of showcasing big cities in China to the world, the smaller cities and villages have been overlooked and not taken care off.

I am no one to comment, but Shanghai is amazing.Big roads and huge, tall buildings with lines of Apartments.

I am having a nice time here. Gopichand is my roomie and loomie...

Having some nice discussions as to how to tame these Chinese players.
Today a very funny incident happened. Makes a great story actually.
Saina is here too and regularly Saina and Gopi take small challenges and bets. They play each other singles with Saina taking 8-0 handicap and they play lunch/dinner bets.

Today they took thier challenge to another level. We had jus finished a big lunch and all three of us were famished. On the way back to the room we pass a pastry shop. We always see it, feel lured by the inviting pastries, but pass it without uttering a word( As it is almost a sin eating high fat, high sugar filled pastries for us sportsmen)

But today Gopi said
'come Bhatta, lets see if we find something good here'
We entered, saw some really colourful one's.

Saina had to say something right...

'Bhayya if you eat this big pastry I'll buy you a video camera'
Gopi said ' Great!! our new academy needs a camera!!!'

The pastry was close to one Kilo in weight, 750 grams to be precise.

Gopi took the challenge...I took the cake in hand. Went to the room.
Gopi started eating...He finished it you know!! Can you believe it!!
Even I could not believe it because for a guy who follows strict diet regime( even after stopping competetive Badminton), its a tough challenge.

As I write this blog, Gopi is in the gym burning off the thousands of Calories stored in him. Good Luck on it Gopi!!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha... very funny. What do you make of the Chinese girls? Six in the quarterfinals!

Karthik said...

Hey, Your blogs r intresting, keep blogging & once again Many happy returns of the day...